Productive week so far – 3 Quilts completed

Great weather for working inside this last week. Cold outside so working on quilts is great fun. This week I was able to complete 3 quilts.

  • 30 Block Standard in Lt. Blue & White
  • 20 Block Standard in Dk. Green & Var. Black
  • 20 Block SnowBall in Var. Gold, Var. Grey & Black

Julie B has already picked up her quilt for her sister. Julie could not believe how big it turned out. The quilt for Maria’s son Joe, is getting snipped and rolled, ready for pick up next week. And the SnowBall is for my lovely daughter. But I will store it here until she needs it. It will make a great sample.

What are you doing to keep warm on these Winter days?

Bloom where you are planted,