Spring Cleaning – even if it snowed last night

As I look out my window it is a beautiful Spring day. Not a cloud in the blue sky with the sun reflecting so brightly off the neighbor’s white house I almost have to wear shades inside.  Even with the light dusting of snow we had last night, I am inspired to start some Spring cleaning of the sewing and fabric rooms.

There are so many fond memories residing in these two rooms. Last year saw a blessing for REgnA’s Bloom. New friends, new quilts, new products, new designs. This last year REgnA’s Bloom grew so much I needed to expand to another room. Now the fabric room gives me the freedom and space to cut, iron, and design without interfering with the construction. Granted, I get to walk back and forth between the sewing and fabric room. Well, it does help me log my 5 miles of steps a day.

As with any good business, re-organization helps streamline processes and promotes better practices. We must embrace change. Of course, as the only employee of REgnA’s Bloom, I must be the agent of change and embrace the change. It may take a while.

So today, I will begin the journey of Spring Cleaning. I am sure the end result will be a better flow and many new scrap quilts and bags in the works.

Check back soon on to see the progress of Spring Cleaning and the two new quilts starting this week.

Bloom where you are planted,